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Rules of accommodation

1.     Guests can be lodged only after completing the check-in procedure.

For this purpose the guests are to present a valid ID  (passport,

national identification card or other photo ID) to the relevant hotel employee and sign a check-in form.

2.     Room must be available for the guest on the day of arrival from 14 p.m. to 12 p.m. In case of free capacity

3.     A guest, accommodated before 6 a.m. is charged a full price of a previous night

4.     Guests are to check out by 11.00 a.m. on the last day of their stay at the latest. It is possible to arrange later check out with the reception.

5.     Smoking is not allowed in any inside hotel area. There are dedicated outside smoking areas. There is a 1 000 Kč fine if breaking the rule.

6.     The hotel may offer guests who wish to extend their stay a different room to the one in which they were originally accommodated.

7.     Guests are obliged to pay the prices for accommodation and other services rendered in accordance with the valid price list, or as previously agreed. Hotel reserves the right to request payment in advance.

8.     Restaurant is available for receiving visitors. A guest may only receive visitors with the consent of the appropriate hotel employee until 9 p.m. upon entering this visit in the visitors’ book at the reception area.

                Visitors, which do not leave a room until 9 p.m. will be charged the amount for accommodation.

9.     Guests may not move furnishings or equipment, or interfere with the electrical network or any other installations in the hotel rooms or on the premises of the hotel without the consent of the hotel management.

10.  A guest may not use his or her own electrical appliances, except for those used for the guest’s personal hygiene (electric razors, massage devices, hair-dryers, etc.) or telecommunication devices, in the hotel, and especially not in the hotel room.  Guests may not bring sports equipment (bicycles, skis) into the room – guests should notify the hotel of bringing these items in advance to arrange for storage. For more information, please contact the reception.

11.  Dogs and other animals can only be accommodated in the hotel on condition that their owner proves that they are healthy and pose no health risk. The cost of accommodating animals is billed according to the applicable price list. The owner of the animal is responsible for the behaviour of the animal in the hotel and is to prevent any inconvenience to other guests. Outside of the room the animal can only move around the hotel on a leash. Dogs must also wear a muzzle. The owner may not tie or leave the dog anywhere in the hotel even in the case should he/she intend to move away only for a short time or distance.

12.  Upon departing, guests are obliged to close the windows, turn off all water faucets, as well as the lights in the room and its facilities, and to shut the door as they leave. Key card is to be returned to reception. If lost, guest is to be charged 500 Kč.

13.  Guest is fully responsible for all damage caused by himself/herself, his/her visitor(s) or animal(s).

14.  Guests are to observe night-time peace and quiet in the period from 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant from 7:00 to 10.00 a.m. (weekend from 8:00 to 11.00 a.m.) No compensation is due if the guest does not take advantage of having breakfast at these times. However, the guest may request a breakfast pack in advance.

15.  Should the guest become ill or injured, the hotel will arrange medical assistance or transport to hospital.

16.  The hotel does not take any responsibility for cars parked in front of the hotel or any items lost from cars parked in the car park.

17.  The hotel is only liable for damage to items left out of one’s care in the event that the items were handed over for this purpose to a hotel employee for safekeeping.

18.  The hotel is only liable without limits for jewels, money or other valuables in the event that these items were accepted by the hotel for safekeeping or if they were damaged or lost as a result of any action of a hotel employee.

19.  Complaints by guests and any possible suggestions for improving the hotel’s activities are received by the hotel management. Written complaints may also be left at the hotel reception.

20.  Any items left behind by the guest, if found, are sent to the address provided by the guest by collect on delivery (C.O.D.) mail.

21.  By paying a reservation or full charge of the room the guest agrees to these terms and conditions.